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History of MarS a.s.

1992 > Establishment of the company by employees of the development department working for parachute production of the company KRAS a.s., production plant Chornice

When our company was founded in 1992 with 11 employees, we could hardly predict the company's growth to the present day with 70 or more employees.

We couldn't go that far without the hard work of every member of the MarS team and the support of our loyal customers. Thanks! Thanks!

The first shot of the MarS team
The first shot of the MarS team
The former building of KRAS Chornice a.s.
The former building of KRAS Chornice a.s.

1994 > Transfer of the company to its own building and change of the nature of activities from development activities to development and production;

2002 > Change of legal form from s.r.o. to a joint stock company;

2004 > Acquisition of a 100% stake in the joint-stock company KRAS Chornice a.s .;

2007 > Merger of the company with KRAS Chornice a.s. to a single company under the current trade name MarS a.s.

Through this interconnection, company MarS a.s. gained another prerequisite for growth and opened the way for a possible expansion into foreign markets not only within the European Union, but also worldwide.

The circle of customers is constantly expanding, also thanks to our dealers, who ensure the representation of our company on all 5 continents.

MarS a.s. is the holder of the ISO 9001 quality certificate.

MarS a.s. nowadays

Production plant Jevíčko
Production plant Jevíčko
Production plant Chornice
Production plant Chornice

Manufacturing program

The current production program includes the production of parachutes:

- Troop parachutes
- Tactical parachutes
- Cargo aerial parachutes
- Braking parachutes for fighter jets
- Emergency  parachutes for military aircraft
- Emergency parachutes for sports aircraft
- Sport parachutes
- Canopies for emergency systems
- Tandem parachutes

Steerable Troop Main Parachute OVP-12 SL-1 and Sport H/C Real-X

Steerable Troop Main Parachute OVP-12 SL-1
and Sport H/C Real-X

Tactical vest and Gun holster
Tactical vest and Gun holster


Production of technical clothing:

- Technical clothing for the armed forces
- Tactical vests
- Ballistic vests
- Chemical protective clothing
- Ballistic blankets
- Equipment components for the armed forces
- Gun holsters


 Manufacture of  Automatic activation devices:

- m2 multi
- m2 multi Tactical
- MPAAD Pilot

MPAAD Pilot and m2 multi AAD
MPAAD Pilot and m2 multi AAD
Currently of 2021 new Sport H/C Real-X Student
and MACC H/C for accuracy landing



New products development:

- Canopies of sport parachutes
- H/C of sport parachutes
- Tactical parachute sets

We support

Martin Šonka

  • Pilot World Series Red Bull Air Race
  • European champion and world vice-champion in aerobatics unlimited categories - freestyle
  • A member of the Czech national team in unlimited aerobatics category

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