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H/C for accuracy landing

  • The H/C MACC - "MarS Accuracy" is designed for para-sport discipline on accuracy landing
  • It features a comfortable design with an emphasis on the skydiver´s  pleasant feeling and a great balance for the most accurate landing to hit the target
  • You can create your own color combinations of your H/C MACC using the COLORING program

The H/C Real-X is used for sport skydiving

  • The „Free Fly Friendly“ H/C Real-X is the best-seller sports harness/container from MarS a.s.
  • Thanks to our experience since 1992 and the highest quality craftsmanship, we offer you Real-X of many great features
  • Real-X is designed in 9 sizes of container with the possibility of packing different sizes of main and reserve canopies
  • The container is specially adapted for packaging with WP reserve canopies produced by MarS a.s.
  • The harness is fully „Gender Friendly“ and is made specifically for each size of the parachutist‘s figure according to the specified dimensions and requirements
  • You can create your own color combinations of your H/C Real-X using the COLORING program

Student H/C designed for basic training and refresh jumps

  • The H/C Real–X Student can be configured for all types of training jumps (AFF, SL, stabilization). The harness is fully adjustable to any body size and is adapted for both men and women. The leg straps are equipped with wide and soft cushions, which ensure comfort when flying on an open canopy and when landing
  • RAX system (Reserve Activation & eXtraction System)
    The RAX System accelerate (speed up) the opening of the reserve canopy  and thus reduces the time between the cut away of the main canopy and fully opening of the reserve canopy. This also saves the loss of height above the ground

RAX system (Reserve Activation & eXtraction System)
System which accelerate (speed up) the opening of the reserve canopy  and thus reduces the time between the cut away of the main canopy and fully opening of the reserve canopy

  • The automatic reserve parachute opening system (AOZP-RAX) is designed for immediate automatic opening of the wing-type reserve parachute when the main parachute canopy is "dropped", thus reducing the minimum required height for safe operation of the reserve parachute
  • The purpose of this embodiment is to prevent contact of the opening reserve parachute with the main parachute or its parts not completely thrown away in case of failure / unplanned disengagement of the right riser

Program for editing color combinations of H/C Real-X and MACC of your choice

  • This program is compatible with all of the devices and all operation systems

WP reserve parachutes are used with all parachute containers produced by MarS a.s.

  • Our many years of experience in the production of parachutes and parachute equipment provide you a first-class quality guarantee
  • Seven-cell design
  • Nine-cell design
  • Certified TSO C23d

Main Canopies SONIC by  JOJOWINGS.COM MarS a.s.

  • „Smooth and powerful, as you want“
  • Sonic is for those who are looking for a slightly more aggressive piloting but are not interested in the demands of Raptor or XF15

The MarS-T tandem rig is intended for jumps of tandem pilots with passengers

  • After a short training, the passenger can experience a controlled free fall at a speed of about 200 km/h and then land safely

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