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The RAX System accelerate (speed up) the opening of the reserve canopy  and thus reduces the time between the cut away of the main canopy and fully opening of the reserve canopy. This also saves the loss of height above the ground.

The automatic reserve parachute opening system (AOZP-RAX) is designed for immediate automatic opening of the wing-type reserve parachute when the main parachute canopy is "dropped", thus reducing the minimum required height for safe operation of the reserve parachute.

When the main parachute canopy is "dropped", the risers are released from the drop rings.

The AOZP-RAX connecting cord is attached to the right riser. Due to the force of the detached canopy, a pull on the longer yellow throwing cable is applied via the connecting cord, which will ensure the release of the left free end of the main parachute in case of failure / unplanned detachment of the right riser of the main parachute.

The purpose of this embodiment is to prevent contact of the opening reserve parachute with the main parachute or its parts not completely thrown away in case of failure / unplanned disengagement of the right riser.

Furthermore, a pull is exerted on the backup parachute release cable by means of the connecting cord and the closing needle is pulled out of the pull up cord. This will open the reserve parachute cover.
The reserve pilot chute opens the cover of the reserve parachute and the discarded main parachute immediately pulls the canopy bag with the stored reserve parachute out of the package and subsequently the reserve parachute from the canopy bag. The emergency parachute of the reserve parachute is deactivated in this situation.
Activating the reserve parachute with the discarded main parachute will open the reserve parachute faster than if it is activated by the spring-loaded parachute.

If the reserve parachute is activated by the manual release of the reserve parachute, the AOZP-RAX will be deactivated. The reserve parachute will be further pulled out of the reserve parachute cover by the reserve parachute pull-out parachute. Subsequently, the reserve parachute is pulled out of the canopy bag.

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