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NPS-85-1, NSN 1670160067872

The cargo aerial parachute set NPS-85-1 is designed for the transport of armaments and material that cannot be mounted on the paratrooper body or stored in Cargo system NSV-12, by dropping from aircraft, from low, medium and high heights.

The cargo aerial parachute set NPS-85-1 allows you to make drop:

  • with forced opening by pulling rope with tethered canopy bag
  • with continuous opening
  • with stabilized fall.

The cargo aerial parachute set NPS-85-1 consists of two main parts:

  • Cargo parachute PN-85-1 (hereinafter referred to as Parachute PN-85-1)
  • Bag VN-85-1 (hereinafter referred to as Bag VN-85-1)

In the containers of the VN-85-1 bag, the material is stored in insulating inserts, which ensure that the NPS-85-1 kit does not sink when it hits the water surface.

The cargo can be transported in addition to containers in crates, barrels, nets, etc. Kits NPS-85-1 can be bundled into two sets NPS-85-1. The maximum total weight of two NPS-85-1 kits is 400kg.