Upravit stránku

OVP-80.08-1 NSN 1670160066803

  • The steerable troop main parachute is designed for the execution of combat and training jumps, individual, group and mass jumps from military aircrafts and helicopters
  • The parachute enables performing jumps with enforced opening by means of static line, by means of static line with attached stabilizer case (gradual opening) and stabilized free fall
  • The parachute can be steered and it has two steering components
  • Completed with reserve ZVP-80.08 or ZVP-80.08A
  • Canopy area 70 ± 2 m2 (753.5 ± 22 sqft)
  • Maximum suspended weight max.160kg (352.7 lb)
  • Maximum operating speed 350km.h-1 with stabilizer
  • Special Cargo system NSV-12 is available to use with releasing before landing



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