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Emergency parachute PL-70-I, PL-70-I / L NSN 1670160053096
The parachute is designed to rescue an aviator in case of emergency leaving the aircraft by means of a VS1-BRI ejection seat. The parachute is produced in three versions:
PL-70-I, PL-70-I / K and PL-70-I / L.

The parachute can be used for the following rescue methods:

  1. With ejection seat VS1-BRI with automatic parachute opening
    (at altitudes below 4,000 m)

  2. By ejecting the VS1-BRI seat with automatic parachute opening and stabilized descent on the SP-70-I Stabilization Parachute System from a height of 12,000 m to the set barometric height and further on the parachute canopy to the ground
  3. Leaving the aircraft without ejection

Stabilization system SP-70-I, NSN 1670160053351

  • It is designed to stabilize the ejection seat VS1-BRI with an aviator after ejection from the aircraft L-39

Parachute sets PLS-85, NSN 1670160040431 and PLS-85/80

  • Parachute systems are designed to rescue the aviator in the emergency exit of the aircraft ejection seat ejection VS-2
  • The PLS-85 parachute system is used in the ejection seat of the L-159
  • The PLS-85/80 parachute system is used in the ejection seat of the L-39 MS
  • The emergency dose ND-2 is connected to the parachute system by screw connections

Parachute systems consist of the following units:

  • Stabilization system
  • Parachute aviator
  • Harness

Reliable operation of the parachute systems PLS-85 and PLS-85/80 is guaranteed during ejection at speeds of 0 to 1000 km.h-1 at M = 0.82 and altitudes of 0 to 13 200 m, depending on the tilt and position of the aircraft.


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