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Parachute set PPSO CZ-330 is designed for pair jumps (tandem jumps) or heavy cargo jumps from medium and high heights from transport aircraft and helicopters

  • Main canopy area 330 sqft
  • Reserve canopy area 370 sqft
  • Max. suspended weight 227 kg
  • Special Cargo system NSV-12 is available to use with releasing before landing

Parachute set enabling opening of the main parachute:

  • Assisted activation of the parachute using the parachute housing held by the parachute attendant (or other trained personnel) and subsequently released by the hand release
  • With assisted activation of the braking parachute by an anchor rope and subsequently released by hand release
  • Braking parachute, released from the hand of the jumping paratrooper, then released by hand release
  • Braking parachute, pulled by static line with attached braking parachute case, then released by hand release
  • With static line with attached deployment bag (with clamped container)
  • With static line with attached case of stabilizer (continuous opening)
  • Pulling parachute discharged from the hand of a jumping paratrooper
  • Hand release with spring pilot chute

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