Upravit stránku

On 15th of April 2018 during the FCC Gliding 2018 in Prievidza (SK) two gliders had an midair collision in the vicinity of Žilina. Both gliders lost the significant part of the wings. One pilot has bailout immediately after the collision but another pilot J.V. (age 24) from Lithuania could not managed to leave the glider due to significant G force as the glider went into the spin.
Just before the ground the pilot somehow has managed to change the direction of the glider which helped him to get out from the aircraft and released the parachute. Luckily his emergency parachute ATL-88/90 saved his life! He was landed just 50 meters from the wreck of the glider! Taking in account that collision was ~1400 m AGL. It is obvious that the parachute was activated just couple of second before the crash landing. The threes also helped to absorb the impact.
Pilot said: “I would like to THANK YOU for producing such efficient parachute which can save pilot's life even in the last seconds”.


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