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  • The „Free Fly Friendly“ H/C Real-X is the best-seller sports harness/container from MarS a.s.
  • Thanks to our experience since 1992 and the highest quality craftsmanship, we offer you Real-X of many great features.
  • Real-X is designed in 9 sizes of container with the possibility of packing different sizes of main and reserve canopies.
  • The container is specially adapted for packaging with WP reserve canopies produced by MarS a.s.
  • This combination is an excellent basis for price-performance ratio to further complement your parachute set.
  • The closing riser flaps are provided with magnets.
  • The back of the container is equipped with a special pressed back padding for maximum user comfort.
  • The control unit of the AAD is located in a transparent window for easy check of switching on before the jump.
  • The harness is fully „Gender Friendly“ and is made specifically for each size of the parachutist‘s figure according to the specified dimensions and requirements.
  • The leg straps are equipped with wide and soft cushions, which ensure comfort when flying on an open canopy and when landing.
  • The manufacturer recommends assembling the Real-X set with the m2 multi AAD.
  • The H/C is certified according to TSO C23d.


  • 3 Cordura colors
  • Textile back padding, CORDURA or UZARON 
  • Cut-away ripcord handle 
  • Reserve ripcord handle (Free Fly Handle)
  • Closing riser flaps with magnets
  • AAD setup (Control unit in the back padding)
  • Reserve pilot chute
  • Free bag
  • Main/Reserve Steering toggles 
  • Connecting line
  • Main risers
  • Main deployment bag
  • Kill Line Pilot chute



  • RSL (AOZP)
  • RAX system* 
  • Stainless steel hardware 
  • Harness PS-034 S-1 (adjustable) 
  • Pressed back padding
  • Reserve ripcord (metal handle)
  • Leg pad cover
  • Metal hook knife 
  • Custom embroidery 
  • Transport bag
Container Size Canopy Size - Reserve / Main (sqft)
07175, 190/220
08190, 210, 235/250
09190, 210, 235/282
Max. exit speed130 KNOTS
Max. suspended weight377 lb
Part Number H/COP-103/PS-055 (PS-034 S-1)

*RAX system (Reserve Activation & eXtraction System)
The RAX System accelerate (speed up) the opening of the reserve canopy and thus reduces the time between the cut away of the main canopy and fully opening of the reserve canopy. This also saves the loss of height above the ground.

For your collored container with harness Real-X visit our program COLORING.

For user manual visit MANUALS.


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