Upravit stránku


MarS a.s. introduces a student parachute H/C designed for basic training and refresh jumps.

The H/C Real–X Student can be configured for all types of training jumps (AFF, SL, stabilization). The harness is fully adjustable to any body size and is adapted for both men and women. The leg straps are equipped with wide and soft cushions, which ensure comfort when flying on an open canopy and when landing.

Size of the containers (Reserve/Main)
07 (175 or PZS-92/200)
08  (210/250)
09 (210/282)
10 (260/260)

Max. exit speed

278 km/h
 150 KNOTS

Max. suspended weight

136 kg
 300 lb

Part Number H/C

OP-103/PS-034 S-1

RAX system (Reserve Activation & eXtraction System)
The RAX System accelerate (speed up) the opening of the reserve canopy  and thus reduces the time between the cut away of the main canopy and fully opening of the reserve canopy. This also saves the loss of height above the ground.


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