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Tandem rig MarS-T is designed for sport skydiving of  skill tandem pilot with amateur passenger (free fall about 200 km/hour, common flying).

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    Tactical technical parameters of the main parachute HOP 330

    Canopy dimensions10,00 x 3,49 m
    Canopy area30,66 m2
    Number of cell9
    Number of suspension lines20
    Maximum canopy load227 kg
    Speed range (immediate opening)120 - 335 km/h
    Altitude range1 200 - 4 000 mT

    The WP 370 Reserve canopy tactical and technical parameters

    The V-113 canopy dimensions9.9 x 3.47 m
    Canopy area34.35 m2
    Number of cells9
    Number of suspension lines30
    Maximum canopy load227 kg
    Maximum opening speed324 km/h
    Minimal altitude500 mT at the speed of 125 km/h


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    MarS-T Order Formdoc534.50 KB

    Version 13

    Order Form - Embroideries for the MarS–Tdoc273.50 KB

    the OP–095T Container and the PS–053T–1 Student Harness


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